Aftermath and stepping down…

So, anyway…

The police came and went. They spoke to the guy from the leisure centre. He presented himself as “very apologetic”. He wanted to meet with me and apologise. (Yes, maybe, eventually: but no way soon).

He lobbed in a googly along the lines of “he found me threatening”. Huh? Like, sure: when he first approached me, I was standing up straight and therefore had some height on him.

By the time we were in the manager’s office, I had gone into retreat mode and was curling up in a corner.

Like: how hard is it for him to get that if you live every day with even a mild threat of someone having a go…then being confronted by someone who says not once, but three times “do what I tell you or I’ll hit you” is really rather upsetting.

I so don’t deal well with direct confrontation. I held together whilst he was in the room…but after…I went very inward. The brightest point in the whole day was the assistant at the leisure centre (if you’re reading this, Kate, you’re an absolute star!) who bustled in, gave me a hug and made me a cup of tea.

However, the police seem to have dealt well with this. The guy has had explained to him that if he has an issue, there is a way to deal with it, which involves speaking to the leisure centre management and getting them to handle stuff.

On his side, I picked up a possible cause for irritation, which is he apparently told the police that he HAD made representations to someone in the hierarchy…and they appear to have done nothing and ignored him. That will cause trouble: no doubt about it. If true, it is a bit of a negative against some part of the council bureaucracy.

And wholly believable. My own experience of a lifetime of complaining is that many, many staff in organisations just don’t believe you’ll do anything…so get highly surprised when I return to the fray with a writ.

There will be meetings in the future with officials from the centre, with officials from the county council and, I suspect, with those who “feel uncomfortable”.


What the hell is that about?

If there were people stripping off in the changing rooms, I could possibly see that as an issue. I certainly wouldn’t strip in front of any stranger at present…for very obvious reasons. But people don’t strip – and there are masses of (lockable) cubicles.

Am I missing something? Otherwise, the only thing I can possibly see is that at some remove the “logic” goes… tranny = weird sexual being = danger around children. Which is so far removed from any sensible take on reality I find it hard even to get my mind around. But what else is it?

I have spoken to GIRES (yay!) – an organisation that deserves support in every way – and I may be talking further to the leisure centre to make sure their diversity policy is both publically obvious and includes transgender. I have a sneaking suspicion that it consists of a printed statement on a board somewhere and it DOESN’T include trans…will have to re-check.

Otherwise, will keep people posted.



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    Carolyn Ann said,

    I’m late to this, so my apologies for not noticing your tale. 😦

    There are idiots everywhere! You’ve certainly got my admiration for handling the situation as you did! No one is good at confrontation; well, those with poor impulse control are, but that’s because they have poor impulse control. So I think you should be proud of yourself! 🙂

    I disagree that the disabled facilities are the way to go; you’re not disabled, from what I can gather. I can remember a time in the UK when people felt odd with a black person in the changing room; it wasn’t that long ago, either.

    Good for you for standing up to a wanna be bully!

    Carolyn Ann

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