Side-effects – part two?

Or maybe the side-effects have arrived, and are just a bit subtler than I realised. Monday was also accompanied by cravings. MEAT cravings, which given my foodie history over the last year or so, is quite unusual.

I’ve commented before about how easily I lost weight once I decided to transition. It was like taking on a whole new body image: and maintaining my body in its former proportions was never going to be an option. So I didn’t diet: I just stopped eating stupidly – which co-incidentally has meant a switch toward carbs and veggies and mostly away from protein.

OK: fish and eggs are fine. But first I found I didn’t need meat anywhere like as much: then that I didn’t want it; and finally that I can’t really cope with it. Anything larger than a small portion of red meat leaves me feeling bloated, uncomfortable and generally like a slob.

Still. I have also suffered, since going on higher dose estrogen, from what seems to be a much lower metabolism. Either that, or I’ve reached the point where the only way to go lower, weight-wise is – gulp! – to do some serious exercise. Because short of total starvation, my weight now seems stuck at a polite…but still slightly above ideal 13-and-a-half stone.

And leaps skyward if I so much as look at a cream bun.

Or at least it was until the weekend, when I suddenly got the munchies. I was craving sugar. And carbs. And food. And for once, suspecting that this might well have been linked to my hormone-blocking shot of the week before, I gave in.

I think I doubled my calorie intake. At least. And I still lost weight on the day (I know: that could have been anything…but still, I am down overall on the weekend, despite a much higher than average cal consumption).

Then, Monday, as I succumbed to the lurgy, I went down fighting. “Bring me….meat!” I gasped. And lo: as if by magic, a somewhat frazzled beefburger with american mustard eventually appeared.


I think that’s it for now. Tuesday was another day: and meat is once more mostly off the menu. I know I have had protein cravings on the odd occasion in the past – sometimes linked to illness. So again, there is no definitive proof that this was due to last week’s shot, or some random bug.

But it makes you think.

Are even our dietary preferences so fickle in the face of hormones?



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