Sleeping like a dog (or cat, or penguin)

Last Friday, I slept with a kangaroo.

No. Let me rephrase that. Last Friday, I shared sleeping accommodation with a young woman dressed as a kangaroo. Oh, heck! That doesn’t sound much better. But it was all perfectly innocent. Honest!

And she did introduce me to the wonderful world of animal pajamas.

Which, at first, I thought was just a variant on the sort of cutesy pajamas that children are given to wear. You know the sort of thing: white fluffy suit with dalmatian pattern (which is what the boy likes to go to sleep in much of the time).

Or even white fluffy ditto with a tail.

But no: this new fashion – from Japan, naturally – is a cross between “furry”, which is definitely kinky, and just very warm pajamas, which isn’t.

If you are puzzled or intrigued enough to want to know more, go look at kigu.

If you just want some very fluffy jump-suity pajamas, as the daughter has been wearing for some years now, try Jumpin Jammerz.



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