First bra…

I was definitely premature.

Whenever it was: four months back? Six? And so soon after starting hormones: I was expecting instant miracles and looking for measurable boobs. And I tried: of course I did.

But all to no avail. If I registered at all back then, it was as a faintly over-optimistic 42AA – a size so outlandish that almost no bra company in the land creates such a garment. I bought an experimental bra – ad it was a waste of time and money.

Today, though, I returned to the fray (OK: tempted, in part, by an M&S money-off voucher for having a fitting). I emerged with a size. A real size!

Yep. This girl is proud possessor of a pair of 42B boobs. Not that that helped exactly. First off was the interrogation: so did I want full or half? Wired or non-wired? Padded?

Huh? Like, I thought the whole point of my coming for a fitting was that the fitter would advise me – which, once she realised I really hadn’t the foggiest, she did.

There then followed loads of trying on, and the discovery that half a dozen garments all coming in boxes with the same outer label as far as size goes, appear to have been created for half a dozen different sizes and shapes of boobs.

So for a moment I thought that was that: yes, I had a size…but no: no-one actually made anything to fit my unique dimension. Wait, though: a single lacy black creation (not underwired, in case you’re wondering) did the trick. It fits: I fill it; and worn under a tunic or shirt I look…hmmmm…pretty neat.

I am definitely smiling.

It’s a small step now, by comparison with other stuff. But its another step all the same: another box ticked; and you cannot imagine (or maybe you can) how feminine it makes me feel. My first real bra…




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    Lucy Melford said,

    Oh, I can imagine how it feels, all right. So good.

    I absolutely agree with what you say. Actually, I’m mildly envious: my boobs have stubbornly refused to grow much, and now that I’m dieting pre-op they have shrunk! I was never more than a size AA anyway, although based on friends’ experience, I can expect a post-op resurgence to size A – maybe! And the mismatch with chest size goes on. I have compromised with non-too-comfortable 36AAs or 38AAs from M&s in black, pink and white – basically teenage bras – when, like you, 40AA or 42AA would be perfect, if such existed. Oh well.

    At least the chest looks convincing, and really that’s all that matters so far as public appearance goes. And wearing a bra of any kind is a badge of femininity that nobody like us would ever want to do without!


  2. 2

    Angela Davis said,

    I think it was one of Cyril Fletcher’s poems that had a line something like: “And what the good Lord had forgotten, Lucy May made up with cotton.” I know how she felt, though I prefer silicon myself.

    I’m not on hormones yet, but I guess one result most of usl hope for is decent-sized boobs. To get to ‘B’ is impressive and I’m green with envy!

    I’ve just discovered your blog and really enjoyed reading through it, Jane. Thank you.


  3. 3

    If it helps, my 21 year old daughter has never in her lifr found a bra that fits. Skinny girl, big, pointy type boobs. So c cups contain them but squish them in (almost fold them over), D cups are made for round beachball types and leave too much room at the sides. Bras=nightmare.

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