I suppose i should have mentioned that, unusually, this edition of the blog is broadcast not from home, but from the desk of good friend and ally, Faith, who lives not a million miles from concrete cow country, aka Milton Keynes.

This is because i am chilling out…in the middle of a long-ago invited to girls weekend, which has so far consisted mostly of nibbles, chocolate pud, and chat. About? Nothing and everything…which is the glory of it.

Making friends again with the lovely Bex, who i last met about six months ago and who invites me down to London to run a (short) workshop for a lesbian/bi/trans group she works with: and first time of meeting Kelly, whio is also chilling, taking a much-needed break from the cares of home-making.

This afternoon was about going out and shopping. Or rather, it was about saturday on the town, which is something that i miss, dreadfully. Milton Keynes has a shoppping centre to die for. OK: that sounds so naive…but by comparison with Peterborough, which i get into occasionally, and stamford, which is my more usual stomping ground, it is brilliant.

So: traipsing round shops. Fighting off other women for bargains in the sales (twice in Zara, i found i’d grabbed one leg of some debnims…whilst someone else had grabbed t’other): and in Wallis, of all places, i put two garments down on a rail for half a minute…and next i knew some gung ho shopper had them on her wrist and was waltzing off with them! I have discovered Apricot…which i shall definitely go back and re-investigate: and M&S are giving money-off lingerie vouchers if you go in for a bra fitting.

And since i am well overdue such a thing, i shall endeavour to get my boobs out for the nice lady in M&S tomorrow.

There was a Polish shop, which was also pretty magical. Because – as i think about half of you know – half my family background is Polish (War generation, as opposed to the latest influx) and i was brought up in the shadow of Brum’s polish community: polish shops, polish church (complete with vodka-drinking parish priest), polish celebrations. And whilst Tesco now does a passable range of Polish goods, it doesn’t SMELL the same.

But this afternoon, i was transported back 30-plus years. The MK POlish shop smells like a Polish shop should…and tomorrow i will be back in once more splashing out on the tastes of childhood once more.

Tonight…will be more socialising, followed, hopefully, by dancing round handbags in one of MK’s clubs. Yay! The old stuff still makes me feel better: saturday shopping, ice skating (which i need to do again soon) and clubbing and dancing.

I feel myself uncurling: wasn’t aware just how stressy i had got. Mostly, i think, work and legal stuff and hormones. But still, it all takes its toll…and a day or two of chilling works wonders.

On to the next.



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