boy gets cute

The boy is a pyromaniac in the making. Show him a pile of twigs, and he is driven by an irresistible urge to set light to them. Suggest a bonfire might be soon…and he will nag and nag until something gets burnt.

Last week, it was the end of a little-loved bed base. Cheap and muchly cardboard: it was swopped out for a newer base and, as a treat (and because i couldn’t be arsed to lug the base up to the local tip) i stuffed the base with papers that needed shredding, and incinerated it, plus some garden waste, in one go.

Shhh! I am mostly climate friendly. This is just the occasional lapse.

The boy loved it. He just avoided setting himself on fire, as boys do, and instead confined himself to setting alight various twigs and bits of bamboo he found around the garden.

also in need of inceniarising (is that a word?) is an old apple tree half way down our garden. It gives little fruit, is a bit disease ridden, and needs replacing with something else. A pear, perhaps.

Would the boy like us to put the tree on the fire.


Then, thoughtful pause.

But not yet. Perhaps we could let it blossom one more time.


He is such a thug most of the time, especially amongst other boys on the playground, one forgets that he aslo has a very sweet side to him too.

The tree has a temporary reprieve.



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    andrea said,

    pssssssssst..its the flowering cherry that up for burning. The apple tree just needs some rectification pruning wise x

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