…and gendering

There was one other magical bit about the afternoon. It sort of started yesterday with a visit to the hairdresser and a scaring of roots and hair back into some passable approximation to feminity.

I underwhelm: in fact, Kris was seriously impressed by how my hair had grown. We had a chance to discuss styles, for the first time (as opposed to the simple desperate trans plea of “just let it grow”). Basically, time to decide between going for a bob, which will give it a volume look – or contiuning to let it grow, which will obviously give it more length, but flatten it out.

I digress. I left the hair salon feeling happy, as i usually do – but decidedly more feminien than usual.

The hair is good: my new glasses (which are stylish and femme) are a long-awaited break from my rather blokey metal framed ones.

In the changing rooms at Wallis today, i glanced up at the mirror and….there was this woman with very defined boobs and curves looking back at me. (Yes, me, in case i’m being a tad too opaque for some of you!).

And pretty much wherever i went, i was greeted as “Madam”. That or a non-gender greeting. First time was nice. Second felt brilliant. Third and fourth….

What’s happened? Somewhere along the way i’ve broken thru/crossed over.

Of course…as long term readers of this blog will well know, i am absolutely NOT seeking to pass. No way. (er, that’s irony, folks).

So the fact that i am passing so much is…why, hell: its totally beyond words!

Happy, happy girl today.



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  1. 1

    Sarah said,


    One thing my hairdresser pointed out about bobs is that they can emphasise stronger jawlines, which are not flattering. With me, she did an “asymmetric bob”, which keeps it long at the front and makes the lower part of the face look more oval, which is feminising, I’m very pleased with it.

  2. 2

    Liz Church said,


    That day has finally arrived. The one that you said wouldn’t. That means I get to say…

    “Told you so!” 🙂

    I’m delighted for you.

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