Things that make you go “Yay!”

OK. There is a downside to this story.

But still, it’s the smiley, cheerful upside that I liked, which gave a lift to my day, and which, above all, reminded me that we are now almost three weeks past the year’s turning and the days are getting lighter again.

Today I went to Bourne. A short trip to the recycling facility, a bank call to pay off some bills and another bank call to discuss, finally, setting up a current account. The clouds had temporarily parted, replacing grey drizzle with a spot of blue (and sunshine!).

I was walking back to my car and a woman stopped me. Oooer, I thought: what have I done?

She was smartly, if slightly esoterically, dressed: mostly blue denim, with bright pink boots, handbag and accessories. Alright: a touch wacky, but I liked it.

“I saw you earlier”, she said. “I just wanted to say how smart and fashionable you look”.


What a lovely thing to say! We spoke for maybe two minutes: exchanged pleasantries and then went our separate ways.

But it left me cheered, walking just that bit taller than I had been a minute or so before.

The downside? Oh. I doubt that this happens (much?) to cis women: and maybe the fact of it happening at all was because I am still marked out as “one of them”. Praise not exactly for being an elegant woman, but for not dressing like a drag queen.

Still, there is awareness of the pitfalls of praise that divides us into “good” and “bad” trannies: and there is being too aware and coming over all “dog in manger” about it.

It was nice, it was well-intentioned, it felt lovely. That can’t be a wholly bad thing.


Style note: So what was the girl wearing today? Fairly everyday stuff, to be honest. Top half was a mix of long violet t-shirt, deep pink cotton scarf and plum denim jacket. Underneath was a pair of neat grey leggings, finished off by my slightly ageing black suede boots.

Memo to self: remember to pick up the new boots next time i’m down in Chiltern St!


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  1. 1

    andrea said,

    your jacket is corduroy my love xx

  2. 3

    Halle said,

    I would definitely take it as the compliment it was, from one lady who likes clothes (even if she was a bit wacky) to another. She probably recognizes a ‘kindred spirit’ and wishes someone would notice and comment to her too.

    For someone who likes clothes and is a bit wacky, we have Kasmira from Cincinnati Ohio, U.S.A. whose blog ‘What I Wore Today’

    is a never-ending source of ideas.

    Enjoy looking good and being noticed Jane!

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