BT ring in the changes

Its always possible that they’ll turn around and change their mind, having had a moment to think about it: but I thought I was about to hit a brick wall with BT. And then I didn’t.


Well, I realised that although BT had happily changed my name online – so when they e-mail me to say I owe them oodles and oodles and I really ought to be on one of their calling plans (and I know: I probably should be) – that change hadn’t filtered thru to the hard copy bill.


I rang. First surprise: their automated voice messaging was about ten times more civilised than it has been in the past. And I ended up talking to someone local (well: they were based in Wales, but that’s still a darn sight more local than India).

Would they change my name on the account?

Er. No. They don’t change names on their accounts.

Not even when someone gets married?

Oh. That’s different. If I were Miss and I had got married…then they’d change the account name. In the words of the immortal T Cooper: “just like that”.

So, I reprised: you would change my name now if I were a woman who had got married. Not for any other reason?

Yes. If I wanted to change my name, I’d have to provide documentation. Eeek! That’s not even indirect discrimination: its out and out direct discrimination.

I asked, politely, to speak to a supervisor.. advising the call centre bod at the same time that my next step if we couldn’t sort it would be the local court.

Suddenly the position shifted. I COULD change my name – but would I mind sending in a document?

Nope! Not budging.

And then, finally, I spoke with a very nice team leader person, who checked her in-hosue manual and proclaimed that actually I could change my name, after all. Without documentation. Or anything.

It was simply that BT “liked” documents for their records.

Oh, joy!

No need to start the new year with another court battle.

And a result to go into my paper on the subject.

I have asked for an official confirmation that BT policy does not require presentation of documents…and as soon s I have that, I will add them to the growing list of companies and organisations who do not appear to require such documentation.



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  1. 1

    Stace said,

    Whilst I think that it’s great that the supervisor managed to find the information, and that the change happened without issue in the end, I do wonder why it has to go there in the first place…

    At least you didn’t have to start another legal process 🙂


  2. 2

    Louise Harris said,

    My stupid conversation of the day today was with T Mobile. They did say anyone wanting to change their name needed documentation. I’m sure it wasn’t like this when I last changed it in 1987. Grrrrr

  3. 3

    Liz Church said,

    Oh good. Maybe they’ll get rid of my old email account. I’ll not be holding my breath though.

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