Hair today…

and, hopefully, hair tomorrow. Well, in some places – and not others.

First off is the exceedingly pleasing news that yes: I appear now to be getting some significant regrowth on my scalp. I wasn’t exactly bald before…but there was a lot of thinning and as those who have followed this since early days may remember, that fact alone was cause for not a few tears.

Early signs were before xmas, when my lovely hairdresser said she thought that finally there was some re-growth: and yesterday, andrea confirms. A close inspection shows not just the odd hair follicle, but whole clumps of the stuff, apparently around an inch in length.

Whether tis the finasteride (which acts as a form of testosterone blocker) or the hormones or both, I don’t know. But it feels wonderful: next up.. maybe I can contemplate extensions after all.

I’ve linked this post to a BBC article, which serendipitously appears today, asking for people’s experiences in combatting baldness. I’ve cross-linked back to here from there. But as always, I suspect most blokes won’t be too interested, given the rather lovely side-effects (boobs, fo one!) that come with this particular treatment.

But then, there’s all that hair I DON’T want. [sigh]

If only it were possible to transplant: but then, the stuff I don’t want is the wrong sort anyway, either a tad on the short and curly side…or just short. The hormones have helped there too, but I am resigned to months, years of expensive laser and electrolysis.

Well, I was.

Over xmas, however, I invested in a small prezzie to myself. The Boots Smooth Skin Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Hair Reduction System. Yes, folks: it’s a laser. Not quite like you get in the salons but, according to the lady in Boots, who spoke enthusiastically of the results she herself had had with it, a home system that actually works.

The Boots IPL system

At around the £270 mark (currently its on special offer), it is either a bit of a waste of money or, given the amounts I can easily see myself spending in salons over the next year or so, the most amazing bargain.

I was encouraged, as I said, by the fact that the store assistant had clearly used the product and spoke from experience. Encouraged too (though I hope this won’t get her into trouble) by the fact that she was knowledgeable enough to recommend the Boots IPL system over and above an alternative version produced by Phillips, and the best part of £100 more expensive.

What was the difference, I asked. After all, they both claimed to produce permanent hari removal.

Reduction, she swiftly corrected me – which I guess is an all-purpose get-out clause for those times when it doesn’t work much/at all. And apparently, the Phillips permenat reduction is only temporary, whilst the Boots permanent reduction is permanent. Hmmm. Work that one out, if you can.

I will report back on results. (ever so slightly miffed that Boots didn’t spot me as a potential triallist! Or even that they aren’t doing special deals for the trans community as, for this product, I’d say we constitute a pretty major market)

Meanwhile, for a fuller write-up, take a look at Dani’s site (always a place to go for useful info). She has reviewed it: or at least, she gives a fairly full write-up of how she’s getting along with it so far…Actually, I am a bit confused, since she seems to be getting good results, but also states she has used it for just two overall treatments so far: maybe a blog update?



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    Demelza said,

    Technically IPL is not laser – they work in the same way (by cooking the follicles), but a laser it is not.

  2. 3

    Finasteride works by blocking the conversion of testosterone into DHT (a hormone related to Testosterone). It is really effective, and I went from having the Peter Stringfellow look to a normal head of hair on it. My Mother insists on keeping a photograph of my former regeneration (Doctor Who reference – check!) where I had a sad little tuft of hair surrounded by bare scalp – it makes a stark contrast to what Finasteride helped me recover. What cisgendered men might not like about it is that I’m led to believe that it can make penile size diminish. It also can take a little while, so full results may not be apparent for a couple of years (and the new hair takes time to grow to the same length as the rest of the head of hair, especially for people with long hairstyles.

    As I understand it, once a follicle on the head stops producing hair because of DHT, it is not dead but remains dormant for around seven or more years. Remove the DHT, and the follicle will spring back into life. Any hair that has been gone a long, long time unfortunately may not come back, but thankful;ly for most people searching for a cure for baldness comes fairly soon after losing hair.

    • 4

      janefae said,

      Darn! I didknow this – honest… but maybe i should be a bit more careful when elsewhere i am picking people u on their legal knowledge. Guess it depends on what matters to you: i’m a legal geek and like to get the law right…

      i’m not so fussed about biochem (so long as i’m gettng the right hormone pacage) and the experts know what they are doing.

      That said, it does look like finasteride isworking its magic and i am very happy that it is.


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