Weasels in the NHS

Well, I am not sure whether this is positive – or yet more evidence of the lengths to which the NHS will go to “manage” patients in the direction they wish them to go.

Some of you may remember how, following my traumatic day out at Charing Cross, I wrote and asked my pct (Lincolnshire) to fund my treatment via TransHealth. They wrote back and – not unreasonably – said they needed further info as to costs and treatments available from TH before they could decide.

I put them and TH in touch, stood back, and let the health professionals chat.

I was then ever so slightly flabbergasted when Lincs wrote back and said fairly simply: we’ve looked again at your request: we note your problems with Charing Cross. We offer you treatment through our own facilities (Nottingham or Sheffield).

Ah. I wrote back and pointed out that we seemed to be going backward. That is, if they were seriously interested in getting information from me in the first place, they’d have done all the checking they needed to do when they spoke with TransHealth in the first place.

I was mostly polite.

Mostly. I may have suggested that there appeared to be a more than passing ressemblance between members of Lincs pct and members of the mustelidae family (aka “weasels”). But I was otherwise polite. Especially as the response I got was either incompetent or deliberately misleading.

Last week they re-re-considered. Now they write to say:

“the panel have deferred their decision as, further information needs to be obtained from Transhealth in relation to their treatment/care and the advice and management that they receive is comparable to their own providers and that they must fulfil the criteria as set by the East Midlands Specialised Commissioning Group. Once this information is received, this will then be passed to the East Midlands Specialised Commissioining Group for their advice before reconsideration at the next Individual Funding Requests panel…”

Hmmm. I am starting to suspect that I am being dicked about. I would have thought that they would have asked any necessary questions of TH in the first place. Is this positive? Or are they just putting me off and off and off?

We shall see.



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    Sarah said,

    The mention of the SCG suggests they’re trying to make t somebody else’s problem. If your SCG is anything like East of England, the only way you’re going to get them to budge is to win a court case against them.

    This all changes in 2013, when regional SCGs are abolished. Until then, they’re more than likely to be uncooperative, especially as PCTs have to balance their books before they are abolished.

    Good luck!

    • 2

      janefae said,

      Sorry…hadn’t meant to leave you unapproved so long! You must be feeling censored. Bottom line, I suspect, is that none of this is going to be much use to me, because I am motoring at MY pace, and they are stalling and stalling.

      They are now reconsidering yet again and should get back to me on Jan 19. Still, I am not fighting this wholly on my own. I am having some very informed assistance along the way: and the game plan is to see if I can get Trans Health and maybe one or two others (such as Mr Lorimer) added to the approved provider list along the way.

      If I manage that, then some of those making the journey in future will find their lives that much less traumatic. Any bright ideas from yourself or any others would be more than welcome.


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