I may have mentioned this before but…since the hormones really kicked in, my sense of smell seems to have shifted somewhat.

First off, it is more intense. As someone who has hitherto been permanently afflicted by an almost total absence of olfactory sense, it is slightly disconcerting to notice that there is another dimension to the world around me. Things smell. Some nice. Some not-so-nice. Some downright nasty.

Sadly, for those wondering whether my (sexual) orientation is likely to shift as the hormones bite deeper, I’d place male smells pretty firmly in the last category.

A week or so back, sat opposite some anonymous student on the train, there was an unmistakeable whiff of sweaty maleness. Ugh!

Please! If one has to get close to that in order to connect sexually, it just isn’t going to happen.

Again, yesterday, travelling up to London and then on the tube. A couple of times I was stood or seated close to blokes: both times I scented raw male. On both occasions, the almost instant impulse was to get up and leave.

So is this “real”? Am I more sensitive? Or am I just believing I am? It could be either, I guess.

If hormones are capable of setting off such impressive growth in the boob department, I’d imagine them equally capable of generating a few more receptor cells in my nasal cavity. Or, failing that, of being able to sensitise my nervous system, perhaps taking some neurones closer to their potential edge, at which point I am more likely to smell things.


Eleanor, my sweet biochem expert: if you are reading this, please let me know.



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    andrea said,

    i would guess it will calm down when the hormones do….pregnancy brings hyper sensitive smellability…in fact when i was pregnant the first time i even used to have olifactory hallucinations (often cinnamon based)…. maybe men don’t smell….you just THINK they do 🙂

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