What i like about my job

Chatting, this week, to one of the UK’s theologians – well, he does “Bioethics” for the Catholic church – I found myself thinking, again, of the perks of my job.

Not much there if you like freebies: sure, there’s the occasional review copy of an obscure book. Every now and then I get to go to a conference, or dress up for a decent night out. And the bit where I review clubs and the like is probably a dream job in its own right for some people.

By and large, though, its not that spectacular. Apart from the people.

Because I get to ask questions. Not just any questions, but the sort of questions that intrigue me. Hopefully also that intrigue some of my readers.

There was the weekend I got to inquire of former Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, as to the video viewing habits of her partner. Various conversations with Tory one-time leadership contender David Davies. Best of all, to date, was the long distance interview I got to do with film Director John Waters.

A lovely, interesting, intelligent man.

And for Christmas? I am currently lining up a certain Mr O’Brien for an interview. Rocky Horror Fans eat your heart out…cause that’s Richard O’Brien. Originator, writer and RiffRaff in the film of the same.

Fingers crossed. Right now, I am fighting my way past various outer offices in the maze that is the Hollywood film industry. For the time being, I am hopeful.



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