Gender stereotyping…

Oh dear.

A nice young man (andrea’s description – not my own) rings to sell us the merits of a government scheme for insulating our loft. On learning that andrea is not the man about the house, he ventures that he should speak to “her husband”, who is probably better acquainted with the loft than she is.

Possibly true, as andrea has an intense dislike of crawling around in confined spaces, but perhaps a bit of a stretch.

So andrea agrees, whilst pointing out that I’m not her husband, but her partner: that I’m not a bloke, but a woman – and my name is “Jane”.

Oh. That’s fine, the young man responds: “I’ll call him back later”.

Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!


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    Natacha said,

    When me and my wife were trying to buy our flat here in London we found that the Estate Agents couldn’t deal with the fact that, although married, we had different surnames. So she had to become Mrs Kennedy instead of Mrs Tanaka until we had bought the place, otherwise we would have wasted so much time on the phone explaining who we are and getting messages mixed up etc.

    Some people just can’t deal with anything even slightly out of the ordinary. It is just beyond them…

  2. 2

    Stace said,

    I went car shopping with a friend once, years ago, and if I had been her I would have left the showroom. Every question she asked was answered in my direction. I pointed out that it wasn’t my car, my money buying it, and that I was just a friend to offer opinions.

    Next quetstion from her, the answer still came my way. This was repeated for the whole visit.


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