The good news continues

A restful few days with a bit less manic scribbling, a chance to pitch some ideas, and take stock.

It begins with the morning post…several letters, all correctly addressed to Ms Jane Fae. Not one now in my old name. Yay!
Jane Fae is now officially registered as such with the NHS – and they appear not to have lost any significant records in the process. I have a bank account – and a cash card (which I have instantly misplaced: bugger!).

A letter from my gender specialist who writes, of my latest appointment, that I presented “stylishly dressed en femme with full make-up and a skirt in age appropriate clothing”. Well, honestly! Does he seriously think I wouldn’t be well turned-out?

I smile. This makes me happy.

Then a call, out of the blue, from an organisation I recently helped out. Can I do some commercial writing for them. Yes! I agree a rate which a friendly editor later tells me is far too cheap – before reminding me of how he managed to knock me down on contract rates a year or so back.

Ye-es. I remember that, and remind him that we are due to renegotiate soon. “You’ll have to find me first”, he ripostes. Oh, but I will!

Besides, it can’t undo the fact that looking into 2011, I already have more confirmed work – and more revenue – booked than I did in the whole of last year. My decision to move back from consulting into full-time writing, which looked ever so slightly bonkers four years back is now, finally, starting to pay.

Life is good.



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    Joseph Denby said,

    Jane this is amazing.

    You really are a hero.


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