Life is good…

Significant sort of day. Another visit to see the gender specialist – and first thing, its in to the GP’s to get my latest hormone results. Yay! – and double yay!

The testosterone has halved in the last couple of months (down to 5.7, for those who know about these things), whilst the oestradiol reading is close to ten times what it was before I began – now at 706. As someone commented shortly after I got the results: no wonder I’ve been moody of late.

Not only, but the GP now has my new registration. I am officially Jane Fae according to the NHS, which raises an intriguing question should ever I decide to plunge back into the wilds of Charing Cross. The NHS says I’m me…but no deed poll, so obviously the NHS have it wrong.

Then the triple. On my way to London and the ticket collector smiles and waves me through: “train will be on platform 2…Ma’am”.


I SO don’t care about passing! 🙂

London is pretty good too…some new boots…and a skirt…and some christmas shopping. So all round a result.

Time, perhaps to take stock. On the physical front, I’ve no doubt naused on ad nauseam about my boobs. Checked with specialist today: painful? Yes. That’s good, apparently.

But the rest of my body seems to be progressing by leaps and bounds too. I’m assured my hips are filling out, but despite trying to catch sight of myself in a mirror like so…then whisking round and catching sight of me like THAT…I am failing miserably to spot the difference.

Hair seems to be on the retreat, too. And as I reported to my specialist today, I am now me…that is name officially changed…on almost all significant documents…without a deed poll.

So much for the physical. Its great…feels great, too. I am also settling more and more to just being. I’m well past the first flush of change…at which point, some people, I gather, suddenly decide transition is not for them, because the excitement is gone and they want new excitement.

But not me. Its actually nice to be past that beginning stage. I will still write about the experience, but not quite the same newbie simplicity. The issues I seem to be facing are becoming more complex. And just living an increasingly female life is, itself, a joy.



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