Carrying on

Is there a point to buying the Mail? This week there was, sort of: one of their useful dvd special offers. Buy the paper and get a free “Carry on” dvd. 50p a dvd can’t be bad – and my excuse is that I am introducing the boy to a form of humour that doesn’t involve excess violence or anatomical references.

I know, I know: I should watch what he watches, but honestly, Ant and Dec nowadays….

I digress. So. If you were picking your way thru “Carry on’s”, which would you pick?

Watching one or two of the offerings this week, they have seriously dated. Hard to think these were once at the cutting edge of comedy.

No, seriously: because they occupied that curious twilit zone between strait-laced and breaking new boundaries that emerged in the ‘60’s. And yes, for a while, they were the bawdiest thing in town. Until, I guess, the late ‘70’s, at which point they just queitly slunk off and died.

Or rather, they attempted to catch up with the sexual revolution with the little remembered and best forgotten “Carry on Emanuelle”.

Anyway. Which? If you had to pick one or two as half-decent offerings for repeat viewing, which would you go for?

I’d pick three. “Carry on Cleo” – if only for that most famous of Kenneth Williams lines: “Infamy! Infamy! They’ve all got it in for me!”

Then “Carry on Screaming”, for the slightly kinky sub-plot. (Whoever allowed that in?)

not much worn under the kilt

And finally, and best of the bunch, “Carry on…up the Khyber”, for one of Bernard Bresslaw’s best roles. For THAT dinner party. Last but by no means least, the over-worked, but still funny “is anything worn under the kilt denouement?”

Any more for any more?



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  1. 1

    Pandemina said,

    Carry On: Follow that Camel was always one of my favorites – using Camber Sands to shoot the Sahara was inspired! I loved the resort mirage.

    And there’s Carry on Camping, which was my first exposure to bare breasts on film…

    • 2

      janefae said,

      Ha! That was the one (“Follow that camel”) we got today. It has kept the boy amused. Also andrea, my other half, who seems to like that sort of humour.

      Also led to an interesting discussion as to just how well-endowed Ms Widsor actually was. Andrea reckons not very…but that she held herself very well.

      So to speak. 🙂

  2. 3

    Stace said,

    It would have to be ‘Frying tonight!’ from Carry on Screaming for me; I saw that recently and it’s still good. I’m not sure how well the others would have aged…

    Others I liked are: Carry On at Your Convenience and Carry On Doctor (“I beleive Charlie Roper has started to pass malt scotch” – or something silimar :))


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