On a (bank) roll

As if to prove that things usually happen in threes, the phone rings. I pick it up to a nice man wishing to speak to Jane Fae.


It is the manager from my old bank – Lloyds – phoning to apologise for their failure to up the interest rate on an account when I asked them to. Hurrah! Interest back-dated and matter sorted.

I then mention the small detail of my name – given that their system is now good enough to recognise how I prefer to be called. We skip the bit where he says “normally we ask for a deed poll” and cut to the chase.

I reckon they are acting unlawfully in requiring documentation. I also reckon that I could help them to improve their system security overall. He listens, makes encouraging noises. Of course he can’t help instantly. But he is prepared to take the matter higher.

We shall see.



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