(and down and up and…)

The reason – if reason were needed – why I really need to do the bra thing now was brought home, in painful fashion, earlier this week in London.

Running for a train. No vest. Not even a crop top. Ouch! For the first time in my life I bounced.

That certainly adds perspective to the issue – along with the fact that I very much notice now when I a) bump into someone or b) roll over onto my tummy during the night.



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    Sabine said,

    Yep – that’s why we women can’t understand feminists who burn their bras.
    The things are a necessity, not a male imposition on your freedom to bounce. If you ever want to take up jogging, you’ll find yourself buying a specially reinforced sport’s bra.
    Get used to it. There are very stylish reinforced bras but I found those to be quite costly.
    As for the sleeping thing, you’ll get used to that and I don’t think they’ll hurt as much once they have stopped turbo-growing. I’ve got a very solid set and can easily sleep on my stomach, just by moving them slightly outwards, which I can do without waking up.
    You might want to try out some positions until you found out what works for you and then try to go to sleep boobs down, so you learn it by rote.
    Concerning the bumping: looking where you are going might help there. If you find that difficult, admit your age and get (new) glasses.

    • 2

      andrea said,

      bras aren’t a necessity…they are in most cases and much of the time, a choice. Some interesting reading here http://www.antibra.com/why_wear_bras.php.

      I’ve been told they may be more of a necessity for trans women…something to do with chest muscle structure??? But i’m guessing that’s still probably only if the desired result is some perceived ideal.

      • 3

        Sabine said,

        OK – so if you don’t mind walking slowly and keeping an arm around your breasts too keep them from bouncing and hurting, bras are not a necessity.
        It’s not about looks – it’s about comfort.
        I sometimes forgot to wear mine when I had only just gotten them. It’s not an experience I’d like to repeat now my breasts are fully grown. At home, it would probably be ok, but the steps down to the mailbox would be rather uncomfortable, never mind actually walking any distance..
        Well. I suppose comfort is some perceived ideal.

  2. 4

    andrea said,

    i’d try not to run without a bra admittedly… but as a 34DD i’m comfortable as hell without one when walking etc… maybe thats becuase until i had kids and went from a C to an F (at one point) I hardly ever wore one…i guess the muscles and ligaments were trained to do their job over time.

  3. 5

    Stephanie said,

    Well all I can add to the discussion is — ligaments once stretched never ‘bounce’ back. Bras are a necessity if you want to keep the ligaments that support the breast from over-stretching over time. Once you lose that natural support, comfort and ease will then require some kind of bra at that point, no? Seems like it’s bra now or bra later. I also don’t agree that it is a male imposition as I am sure women throughout time came up with their own devices to manage discomfort and bounce when doing vigorous activity.

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