Delightfully dippy

The long-awaited moment draws ever closer. I refer, of course, to my first bra! At the tired old age of 52.

On the one hand, boobs remain seriously sore and in need of protection from both the elements and wandering cats.

Old and faithful Misz (our somewhat mangy cat of some 17 summers now) attempted his usual trick the other evening of curling up on my chest and kneading with his claws. He received short shrift, being unceremoniously dumped on the floor.

Then there are collisions which, I am sure, owe nothing (!) to the clumsy-inducing effects of heightened hormones: one with a passer-by; and one with a lamp-post. EEEE-eeek!

Both hurt.

So that’s one reason for getting sorted on the bra front. The other, of course, is the good old teenage one. It means I have arrived. That, at long last, I have enough up front to merit hoicking into elasticated cups and getting out of constricting and ever so slightly itchy crop tops.

The problem, of course, is my back. Its wide. So my first measure is going to be 42 – and will remain so forever, unless I contemplate emulating Cher and removing a rib. I don’t think so!

42 and, for now, AA…maybe shading towards an A.

Which is where the dippy bit comes in. A lovely, helpful young girl in a slightly upmarket local lingerie shop.

“Do you do a 42AA”, I ask, expecting, cheese-shop style, the anser “No”.

She rummages. She looks along her shelves. She exclaims in delight.

“No. But we do have a 42 J”.

I am perplexed. Amused. And apologetic. I agree to come back when they have some more stock in and leave, wondering how long this young lady’s career in lingerie will last.



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    Lucy Melford said,

    Congatulations on this most special occasion, the first bra. However, you may have real problems sourcing a bra that fits. I had this moment at an even more tired age of 57, and although really a 40AA would have been ideal I had in the end to squeeze into 36AA and 38AA teenage bras ordered from M&S Online. They are OK, but a bit tight. I have seven in black, white and pink.

    The Internet seems a good place to look for bras, although no unusual size will be cheap to order.


  2. 2

    I used to use and can recommend them – looks like they’ve renamed to

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