inappropriate spaces?

Now. This is either going to squick you out…or make you giggle. It made us laugh…but maybe we (friend and I) are just two irresponsible middle-aged women…so you have been warned.

I am starting the search in earnest. The search, that is, for a surgeon. Unfortunately, everyone seems to think that whoever did THEIR surgery is the world’s best…and everyone else is second-rate. This morning, however, I got an interesting, possibly clichéd, but nonetheless valuable insight into the issues involved.

I’d already sort of gathered that if I go out to Thailand, one of the criticisms levelled at the surgeons out there is that they operate to slightly less “depth” than UK ones. However, a trans woman who knows a bit about this sort of thing suggested that if you want an outwardly splendid piece of plumbing (cosmetically, that is), Thailand is the place.

(No doubt some will have counter views: bring em on…I have no way to know one way or t’other right now).

However, that makes sense of sorts. So, I asked my companion: which would you prefer? Depth or looks? She thought about it a moment and then went: definitely depth.

An interesting conversation followed as to why she or I might opt for one or the other of these choices. Then she looked up and smiled: is this really quite the place to be having this conversation?

Hmmm. She had a point. Its probably not the sort of topic that our local parish priest expects his congregation to be having in the church car park.




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    You may have that backwards, altohoug it’s been over 4 years since I’ve been up on is stuff – Thai surgeons tended to do riskier surgeries and get more depth whereas UK surgeons tended to be more conservative and get less depth. (But less chance of complications)

    Post operatively, as I’m mostly lesbian, I’m less fussed about depth anyway. My surgeon, Phil Thomas, is of course far better than any other. 🙂

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