Charing Cross…make that VERY cross





Cross. At him – for provoking this. At him – for not containing it. At me – for feeling this way.

Day ruined.

One mad tranny on the warpath.

Mild to militant in 60 seconds flat.

Sick to death of formal, male, patronising, arrogant, controlling gits.



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    Tessa said,

    That doesn’t sound good. May I ask what happened?
    I’m curious after yesterday, is all, and in a very similar mood, though for different reasons.

    (I don’t mean to rudely pry)

  2. 2

    Rachel said,

    Oh Jane, I am so sorry it. Didn’t go well.

    I do hope that when it is a little less raw you can share a little of what happened. I have my own appointment with the NHS GIC in about a month and I am so scared that much the same is going to happen to me.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Rachel X

    • 3

      janefae said,

      Please don’t let me put you off.

      It might be argued that i am a bolshy bitch and what i find annoying, others would take in their stride.

      I don’t know…but in the end, what i think really made it so hard was that the consultant did fifty mintes or so of unexceptional history taking then picked a fight with me on one particular issue, leaving me to go back into the world feeling very confused, very panicked.

      I step away and look at myself and know i am fundamentally very stable: i also think that if i were less so, today could have ended very badly.

      That is, with far wose than tears and upset.


  3. 4

    kathz said,

    Sister – and I mean that in the old women’s liberation sense – sometimes the world needs us to be bolshy bitches.

    His attitude sounds like an exercise of old-fashioned patriarchal power. Men like that (and I’ve experienced a few in the health service) are deeply unpleasant and often seem to get their kicks from one-off attempts to make women (and perhaps other people in vulnerable positions) feel wretched. It’s scary stuff but with any luck he’ll stop behaving like this now he’s succeeded in upsetting you. I hope everything goes smoothly from now on.

    Hugs and sympathy.

  4. 5

    […] What the hell happened to me at the hands of the gender charlatans on Friday? And was it just me? Or is it an example of something that goes far deeper. […]

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