Avoiding hypochondria?


Like, seriously OUCH!

The hormones have definitely kicked in: so am looking forward to the next reading early next month. Tis to be hoped that the dread testosterone is finally on the wane.

I know the hormones have kicked in cause a) I feel very fragile emotionally and b) my boobs are sore. Not just sore…but VERY sore. Hence, ouch!

Which brings me round to an issue that maybe needs sorting…let’s call it the user guide to your new body. Like, born female, you have years to get used to your body, friends to tell you what to look for, what to ignore.

Whereas I am doing the crash course.

So, on the one hand, I don’t want to pester the medics unnecessarily: coming from a medical background (father and brother both GP’s) I do my best not to overload general practice. But buggered if I am going to pay the (private) specialist every time I have a twinge.

But haven’t the faintest what is normal…what I ought to get checked out.

Example: post-hernia op (the one thing, of late, not related to gender re-alignment) I registered some serious pain and blood in urine. GP wanted me to have tests: pain went away; so I didn’t bother. Only to have GP read riot act to me last week, explaining that blood in body fluids where it is not meant to be COULD be serious and I MUST get it checked out forthwith.

Well…how the hell am I supposed to know? If it doesn’t hurt….

SO…back to boobs: is this “normal”? Where do I go for general advice? Is there a “user manual” out there? How did others whop have walked this path before me manage, without bothering their GP every five minutes?

Genuinely curious.

Help, advice, insight from all – trans or cis – would be nice.



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  1. 1

    demelzab said,

    This is precisely the sort of question which is asked and answered on the forum to which I belong. If you google “UK transgender forums”, you might find a likely result at the top of the list.

    • 2

      janefae said,

      hmmm…do you mean transgenderzone? i am a member…have been for some while, but have found response patchy.

      Doesn’t mean i won’t try – so thanks. Just wondering if there is or should be some sort of trans faq somewhere

  2. 3

    Khyri said,

    My boobs have been sore since they started growing … some 36 years ago now! The only time I ever went for medical advice about it was when my first husband urged me to “do something” about the fact that I didn’t want him to touch them. My GP found nothing wrong, sent me to a psych, she found nothing wrong. I’ve stopped fretting about it.

  3. 4

    Louise said,

    Sore boobs are normal for CIS women. Not all month, obviously, but most women have a week or two during the menstrual cycle where they feel painful because of hormone fluctuations. I’ve only once been to the GP about sore boobs – when one became so painful that I was literally screaming and crying and the side of it was clearly inflamed. My GP despatched immediately to the breast clinic at the hospital for scans in case it turned out to be cancerous. It didn’t, fortunately – just an inflamed cyst that was treated with antibiotics.

    In short, if they hurt but there’s no obvious inflammation, heat or burning sensation, localised swelling and you’re not crying with pain, then any soreness is probably within the range of normal.

    • 5

      janefae said,

      Thanks Louise (and khyri),

      Guess there were two questions, really. First was whether this is an issue…consensus seem to be it isn’t. Second: how do i know when to ask GP, when to just float it round female acquaintance. Suspect that is something that cis women pick up by osmosis…whereas right now i don’t know what to worry at, what not.

      Unknown unknowns and all that.


  4. 6

    spirifer said,

    Probably not much help here, but I would say you get used to what feels OK for *you*. I know people who have had incredibly sore boobs from time to time, whereas the only times I could ever say mine felt unusual were when I discovered I was pregnant, and when I had a baby. Otherwise, they tend to just “be there” and don’t feel all that different over time! But that’s just what’s normal for me.

    I really do think that if you are concerned about something, you should ask your doctor – better to raise a false alarm than to ignore something that might be serious.

    How on earth did you ignore blood in your pee? I’d be off to the doc pronto if that happened!

    • 7

      janefae said,

      the blood thing was after my hernia op. I had the most excruciating pain in my back and when i went to see the GP, the blood turned up.

      He put me down for more tests but…he didn’t seem too bothered, the pain went away and i put it down to post op stuff.

      Then when i saw another GP this week, she read the riot act and insistedi go backn for tests. Which is sort of why i don’t know now. It didn’t feel serious…and it probably isn’t…but apparently its the sort of thing that should be taken seriously.

      i’ve never in my life previously had boobs this sore. If i was still living as a bloke, i’d be worried. given that so many women have now told me this is pretty much par for the course, i’m not…

      …but until i got the soreness and asked the question, i had no idea that this happened or that it was broadly not a prob.


  5. 8

    General answer would be “if it’s experienced by teenage girls, it’s normal”. Sore hips, sore tits, thrush, cystitis, and watching “Beaches” all fall into that category. Blood isn’t supposed to come out of that hole, so it’s definitely in the “not good” area.

    • 9

      janefae said,

      eeeyuw! You have such a way with words, Zoe!

      • 10

        After a while, one ceases to care about the mundane squickyness of bodily functions. It’s just life. 🙂

      • 11

        janefae said,

        except, zoe…you are talking to a girl who loves the feel of her beautiful and clean hair…

        who loves to look smart and well-turned out…

        who loves every single aspect of her new femininity and is taking a crash course in prim and proper whilst she can.


        yes…of course i know squick is out there somewhere…but if it comes anyway near me, i’ll whack it with a hairbrush!

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