Hormones again

It is growing progressively harder to disentangle the effects of hormones and the other strsses of day-to-day life on my psyche.

So: when i’m feeling in a bad mood, do i now get to blame it on hormones,when previously i’d just have put it down to natural fluctuations in my daily rhythm? How much is really chemical? How much me out of sorts and reaching for the nearest excuse?

Honestly? Haven’t a clue.

However, here’s today’s storm warning in a nutshell. I burst into tears this morning when andrea failed to be sufficiently flattering about my figure. I did so again when some idiot press officer referred to me as “James” on the phone.

I am in a seriously out of sorts mood as regards all disturbances, hovering half way between tears and a strong impulse to kill someone/something. Do NOT get in my way!!!

On the plus side….my body is 100% tingling again, which suggests that the new drug (progynova) IS having an effect.

Now, remind me someone: have hormones ever been allowed as mitigating factors in a capital trial? And if several Jehovah’s witnesses turn up in a local skip later tonight, can I plead temporary insanity?


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    Stephanie said,

    Well, as a veteran of two pregnancies and the ‘persona’ crash that comes after birth, I’d also like to know if hormones are mitigation for shipping your youngsters off to boarding school in outer Mongolia.

    But as to the Jehovahs in the skip — a tip that Mary Bale, the cat skipping lady of Coventry never heeded: check for cctv first…. otherwise, it’s not worth the bother.

  2. 2

    andrea said,

    can i add in mitigation that i did say you were beautiful in so many ways that you shouldn’t overly concentrate on being skinny! Skinny comes low low on my personal list of beautifulness.

    But if you’re really in murdering mood its a good job we’re all out tonight….so no-one can hear the Jehovahs scream.


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