Will they never learn?

So today i was back at the store where i had my super-patronising experience before. One of the skirts i bought had started to unravel at the hem.

In fact, it started unravelling hem-wise on the very first day i wore it.

Since it is probably the most expensive single garment i have ever bought (suits count as two items!) i felt just a bit miffed that this should happen – particularly when we are talking jaeger. Besides, its a beautiful skirt: not much to look at. But elegant, hangs absolutely right, and when you walk it swishes “just so”.

A teensy bit of aggro from the first sales assistant i spoke to, along the lines of they could exchange or repair but not issue a credit note or refund. Fine, cause i want THAT skirt: but cheek! Sale of Goods Act and all that.

Didn’t quite pull the “i write about the law for a living” schtick: but i did point out in no uncertain terms that if they couldn’t put it right, i was entitled to money back.

Anyway, i don’t think that contributed to subsequent rudeness, which was pretty much on par with the previous visit. “sir” and “gentleman” on several occasions, diectly to me or in talking to another assistan to whom she handed over a few minutes later.


Thankfully, the other assistant was younger, seemed more switched on. Inadvertently refered to me as a lady… then looked embarrassed: “oh,do you mind?”

er, no: delighted, actually. I chatted a bit more to her. Thanked her for the recognition. But it seems very much as before: they want to be helpful, but no-one has explained to them how.

She too was eager to explain that things could be done “confidentially”. This is so strange and not an attitude i pick up elsewhere. Is it possible that they have a glut of well-off coss-dressers who make use of their facilities and they are attuned to people dressing secretly?

Dunno. Its about all that makes sense.



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    Lucy Melford said,

    A pity about the skirt, Jane. I’ve not yet bought Jaeger, so no comparison experience to offer.

    The shop’s approach to trans people seems very ‘kid glove’, and you do wonder where they got their particular line from. It’s a bit strange, isn’t it? I’ve never been handled in such a hush-hush way, nor ushered discreetly into a special place away from ordinary customers. Nor been called a ‘gentleman’ for that matter, although I assure you I’m not rough, and my female voice is rather ‘BBC’ and ‘educated’. Back in olden days, I was actually known as ‘posh bloke’ by some of my more down-to-earth friends. Now it’s ‘posh bird’! And I dare say I’d be treated to exactly the same experience as yourself.

    Go on, ask them for a bra fitting, and see what happens!


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    […] why the girl who blurted out “lady” in dealing with me, then looked mortified and asked if that was OK, […]

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