Fridge moving (part 2)

So then i arrive at the tip and start working out how i am going to emove the beast, single-handed, from the back of the car. I think i would have managed, but no need.

One of the large, beefy guys who supervise coings and goings called over: “Don’t worry, girl we’ll sort it for you!”

(and they did!)

Oh, wow….

That felt so, so different.

Sill smiling.



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    Lucy Melford said,

    It’s one of the nicest things about transitioning, this being relieved of hard or mucky work by strong men. At first it takes a bit of getting used to, but soon you appreciate it whenever it happens, and each time it means total acceptance, for no man is going to exert himself if he thinks for one minute that you’re a fraud and could do it yourself.

    I reckon there’s a deep social transaction going on here. Men cluster round a woman in difficulty, and show a bit of muscle or expertise. You gush thanks and smiles. They say it’s nothing at all, but glow inside because they’ve been strong and useful and have done the ‘man’ bit to everyone’s satisfaction. Both sides win.

    I suppose it could go even deeper at times, if the female ineeding assistance is attractive and the man is the sort to notice a pretty woman, and push that along just a little to see what happens. One of life’s games.


  2. 2

    Sabine said,

    Seems only to be the muscle type that do that.

    I was moving furniture into a new office at work – when I still had work. Several of my fellow software developers walked by and wouldn’t help even when I asked. I mean, it was the groups new testing/demo room, so they were going to use it, too.
    Down the corridor, a young plumber was just going in to fix the male washing room. He positively ran over to help me manhandle a heavy desk through a door barely wide enough to fit it through, helped me with the smaller stuff and got back to his work after barely a heartfelt Thank you!.

    So, if people don’t help you, it might not be because they still see you as too male to require assistance handling something larger than you. They just might be gits to start with.

    Or like the car that died at the gas pump which I helped push away. Two girls pushing, 3 guys sitting in that car. I hadn’t seen them in time, I just saw a girl half my size pushing a car and was beside her in a flash.

    Some guys are just idiots.

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