Unfortunate billing

So. I finally make it onto the imdb database. That, for anyone who is any sort of movie fan, is pretty much THE database of anyone and everyone who has ever been anything in film.

Not that i’ve done much. This was for an interview in a documentary piece that got entered into a film competition somewhere artsy. Yay!

Now the let down. The film was shot when i still used my old name. The credit goes to HIM, not me! Horrors!

I don’t exactly see myself having a great deal of future in film, but as the maybe one and only time i am going to have my name up in lights, it’d be nice to have the right one.

I have written to imdb. I’ll link if/when they make an amend.



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  1. 1

    CatherineCC said,

    You can get it corrected, but they usually want someone with some reputation on their site to make changes. I know a few other people who have had trouble with this.

  2. 2

    Karen said,

    Far as I’m aware, it depends whether or not the project is classed as ‘crew complete’ or not – I’ve done a film commentary and we’re trying to see if I can get an ‘add’ despite this situation.

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