Smiles all round

One of the loveliest things about being a girl…is all the smiling that goes on around you.

i’m sure this echoes some sort of psychological research about women tend to smile more. But its true!!! Women smile openly, warmly, just for the general life of things. Men seem to smile less – and to smile begrudgingly when they do.

Smiles bring back smiles. I find myself smiling too. Part, because i am so happy now. Part because it is so much easier, so much more natural to spread my own happiness when i come.




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    Lucy Melford said,

    This is so true. And the right’ kind of smiling actually ‘trains’ your facial muscles to make you look more girly.

    I have an old (1970s) photo magazine in the attic showing a Nikon ad for (I think) their all-automatic EM camera, the first SLR they produced for people who wanted Nikon quality without the fuss of fiddly manual adjustments. It says, ‘Take Your Wife Seriously’ and shows a most attractive thirty-something lady in the hair style of the day giving her husband a relaxed sentimental and happy smile (really a grin) of the kind women in love give over a candlelit meal. A smile to emulate!


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