Silver lining

The plus side to my recent panic over coming off hormones is i started to look around to see how long this process takes. Because i can see the longer it goes on, the more chance of something de-railing it.

I had assumed that from starting hormones it would be two years – minimum – before i would be eligible for the op. Not so!

Twelve months!

That changes things a bit.

A lot!

I shall have to drag that bit of information back to my lair and cogitate.

What if this is all a terrible mistake? Surely i need those good persons with psych degrees to explain to me what i am really feeling about all this? To go hunting for inconsistencies in my childhood and repressed homosexuality, inter alia?

Nah. I don’t think so.

i can’t be this happy and wrong, unless i am completely mad…in which case, it doesn’t make much difference either way. 🙂

Our next track, today, is dedicated to psychiatrists everywhere:


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