Yeah, well… I was brought up on the obscurer classics of latin and greek literature. So don’t think you can read this blog without an occasional classic reference dropping in.

And tis relevant.

Tiresias, according to myth, was a man punished (?) for impiety by being transformed into a woman. Later, having learnt little from her earlier run-in with divine vengefulness, she is drawn into an argument between Zeus and Hera, who are trying to decide who has more pleasure in sex: men or women?

Tiresias, having learnt little, replies that when it comes to pleasure “a woman experiences ten times as much as a man”. For which tactlessness, Hera then strikes her blind.

Moral: when dealing with megalomaniac divinities, discretion is the better part of valour.

That story was very much in mind this weekend (and to be honest, over the past few weeks, too).

Because, before…living as a bloke…sex was simple and uncomplicated. Sensation, arousal, and pretty much everything else to do with sex focussed on one very specifically male body part.

Now….now, it is anything but. My entire body is alive to touch, sensation, in ways i never knew were possible. And no: not just the obvious.

(Memo to self: do not go shopping down Tesco’s refrigerated section without a vest. It is decidedly chilly – and very embarrassing).

But touch…any touch…is electric. Add romance: a kiss; a hug; and i could faint from the sensation. I’m sure i will get back to sex some day. For now, though, i am doing very nicely without it.

In fact, i fear i might even find it too much: overwhelming.

Maybe it is just the hormone overload. Although, comparing notes with a friend at the weekend, she expressed some surprise that men didn’t experience that level of feeling. That is, she has grown up with a female body – and just thought it was natural for men and women alike to have similarly dispersed experience of sensation.

Nope. At least not in my own personal experience.

Of course, i could be atypically sensitive. Maybe blokes DO get to have this sort of feeling. But if they don’t….well, it might explain something or other.

I’m not too sure what, but its differently interesting (in a PhD thesis sort of way).

Anyone else got a two-penny-worth to add?



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    Halle said,

    It seems to me that, in my case anyway, you have to be carefully taught. You can (and I did) school yourself to be more attentive to sensations other than ‘you know where’, and yet for most men it probably just never occurs to them it would be a good thing to bother.

    Thanks for the mythology lesson, and a very ‘sensitively’ written post.



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