Ye Gods!

There was i about to reply to a comment on a previous post saying that where possible i WILL use the NHS. Not because i can’t afford not to. But because i have been paying serious tax into the system for very many years and to forego my right to a public service just BECAUSE i have on occasions earned well would be double taxation.

Then, today, i spoke to Charing Cross Gender Identity Clinic.

Bear in mind i entered the system, through my GP, in the first week of january this year.

i am almost in the system, as far as getting a specialist appointment goes – but not quite. My case will go into the appointment queue NEXT month.

If i’m lucky, i might get to see a specialist NEXT january.


(er, is the sarcasm coming through here?)

And one of the main reasons why the NHS DOES countenance gender re-assignment? Oh, yes: many individuals with gender dysphoria get desperate. In extremis, this can lead to severe psychological trauma, mental breakdown and suicide.

Hmmm. Perhaps there is more to this than meets the eye: make the damned trannies wait long enough and a few will have topped themselves before they get a sniff of a treatment!

That’s one way of cutting back on budgets.

Also not entirely enamoured of being told that their system requires me to identify myself by my “correct” name. An interesting imposition, that, since nowhere in UK law does such a concept exist.



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    Stace said,

    You do have to wonder don’t you?

    The waiting list in the Netherlands is just as long (I was refered last December, had my intake this month and do not yet know when / if I will get to see a specialist – but I doubt it will be this year).

    But at least they also have a list of psychologists around the country that they work with so you can at least see someone who can help you whilst waiting…

    Good luck anyway,

  2. 2

    spirifer said,

    Jane, have you seen the documentary on Jan Morris’ transition? It must be a few years old now, but I know I’m not the only one who remembers the utterly dreadful doctor that she was faced with. In fact, The League Of Gentlemen used the doctor’s persona for one of their characters – “Dr Carlton came from a programme called “Change of Sex” which featured a “monstrously unsympathetic” doctor” (quote from wiki).

    I’m trying to find a link to some footage, but can’t find anything – arghh!!

  3. 3

    Phoebe said,

    Sorry you’re in the early stages of all this. They suck rather a lot. I think I might have hinted at problems like this a while ago. It’s sad that you’re experiencing it, and sadly comforting to me that you might start understanding the cynicism I’ve expressed in the past about various establishments better.

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