It always struck me, in my days as a fully paid-up bloke, that women tended to obsess about smell, to a degree that men didn’t.

As a psychologist, i did wonder – still do – whether this is not a hang-over from some pre-historic evolutionary mechanism. Men use scent as a means to dominate and to mark territory: women, on the other hand, see scent as dangerous. It gives away one’s position: it even, in truly pre-historic times, is a serious marker for sexual availability.

Dunno. No doubt an academic will be along in a moment to write that paper.

However, two observations. The first is that i think i smell a lot nicer as girl than bloke. I am “allowed” to wear nice scents and – much to andrea’s disgust – i tend to go for the sweet and slightly cloying.

Opium and Dior, if i have the money. Otherwise, bergamot, lemon and sweeter scented fragrances.

However, as of last week, something else has been happening. I walk into a room and catch a whiff of people. I walk down the street, and am assailed by a range of scents i don’t think i ever noticed before.

i have even started to notice me, in a way that, bloke-wise, i never really did before.

Hmmmm. Is this pure psychology? Or are the hormones doing something else now? Are they making my sense of smell more powerful? Or are they making me more sensitive? Hard to say.

I shall keep an eye on this one. Or perhaps a nose.



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