Does my bum…

Another out of sequence post, but hey…as long as its front of mind, i might as well post it.

Regular reader may have come away from this blog with the erroneous impression (!) that i am just a teeny bit obsessed at present with my boobs. Not a bit of it. 🙂

Its just that, once you get started on the hormones, the first and most obvious changes tend to start “up top”. First of all, facially: a softening and feminisation. And about the same time, within the very first days, you get changes to breast tissue.

In my case, a firming, curving and – yes – over-sensitising, which is source of both pleasure and embarrassment.

Still, i hadn’t given much thought to other changes. My bum, for instance. That, too, is meant to grow. Sad fact, for those fighting flab, but fat is an integral part of the female anatomy – and that includes large deposits of the stuff in the vicinity of one’s derriere.

No. I hadn’t given it much thought – in part because it is rather less visible than my other assets. But it would be nice to feel that change was happening to all of me: not least because some of the skirts i have bought are definitely designed to sit on hips, which i don’t really have yet.

Therefore much encouraged yesterday when andrea took an appraising look and said “yep: its starting to fill out”.

Brilliant. Espesh as my weight seems to be fairly stable.

No weight change, plus extra curves top and bottom means – yay! – i might finally be developing a waist.

i shall not be checking the mirror any more than usual! Course i won’t – and any suggestion from andrea that i am is all lies.



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