Slightly out of sequence, but funny enough to merit retelling straight away.

Our washing machine is knackered. In fact, after years of coping with the throughput of two modest adults, and two teenage girls – one of whom seems to believe that a garment is no sooner worn than it requires re-washing – it finally gave up the ghost in most spectacular fashion.

Yes. One night it literally shook itself to bits. The drum came off the mounting. The machine started lurching around the garage where it lives. The door lock smashed. No end of damage (to the machine).

So this morning the original chirpy chappy – our washing machine guy – comes round to cast a professional eye. He didn’t quite say it, but i think the words “that’s buggered!” must have flashed across some inner screen.

Even without the cockney, he would have to be played by Dick van Dyke!

So, we’re buying a reconditioned machine.

On his way out he paused to apologise. “I see I’ve caught you out” – or words to that effect.

Er, no.

He stumbled slightly. “I mean. I came round too quickly. During your recreation.”

Hmmm. It would appear he thinks i dress this way for “fun”.

I think i put him right.

I am still smiling.


(A better reaction than one near neighbour, who walked past at just that moment and scowled. No. REALLY scowled. Strange to discover who minds, who doesn’t.)


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