Dressing up

After the ball…its back to Sue and Pete’s to crash out for the day. Well: actually, it is back to Streatham High St, a place i haven’t really walked since a brief interlude living there back in the late ’70’s, for a pannini and a coffee.

I hate the way the world looks after a night without sleep. As though someone turned the brightness down, and everything is just that bit washed out.

My head finally hit a pillow at about 9 in the morning: i woke mid-afternoon, bathed, removed the last of the warpaint and glitter, and gradually felt that bit more civilised.

Sue has loads of clothes she has fallen out with. Different styles, different styles, representing – if i listened correctly – some two decades of life. Odd how we do that.

Before i started to transition, my wardrobe contained trousers (and a couple of shirts) that dated back to the 1980’s. Why? I was going to say i hadn’t a hope of getting back into them: but in fact, my recent slimming antics mean i now weigh in at a number i haven’t been in approximately two decades.

If only i’d been wearing skirts back then!

Anyway. Fascinating to see how someone’s wardrobe evolves. Sue definitely has a sense of style. Sadly, some of her choices – she prefers much thinner pencil skirts, f’rinstance – would not be mine and even sadder: her proportions are just that bit more reasonably feminine.

My 20-top and 14-bottom is definitely going to be a problem. More so if I happen to blossom in the boob department. Many stores seem to be happy to go up to a size 20. Size 22, however, would appear to put me into their outer darkness category.

Oh dear.

Despite all, i leave with a few items, and a bag-load to pick up later. I think my only truly outrageous acquisition, this time around, is the leopard print top. I shall wear it. But ironically.

I mean: you can’t take leopard print seriously, can you?

Can you?

See for yourself: here 🙂



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    Stace said,

    I’ve been keeping a set of jeans in the cupboard for 8 years now in the vain hope that I’ll fit into them again…

    Thankfully this year with a lot of running and in-line skating I’ve managed to do it.

    Now the skirts that I have had from the last year or too are too big…


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