The wobble

What? Has the girl suddenly had second thoughts? A craving for y-fronts and bad fashion?


This is a very different sort of wobble. Worth a smile – and maybe a slight wardrobe rethink.

First, though, i do need to rebut a most vile calumny spread by andrea, when she is in her seriousest (or is that bossiest?) of moods. i do NOT stop before a mirror every half hour to check out my boobs for new growth. What a ridiculous sugestion!

No. I allow at least an hour to elapse before subtly preening myself and taking a sideways glance. Just checking. Just in case. 🙂

Very immature.

But very exciting.

Because looking down, i can see a curve: a gentle swelling that wasn’t there before. Not man boobs (eeek!), but something infinitely more feminine.

OK. It is still a little sad. i wouldn’t fill an A-cup – and the left one seems determined to race ahead. i hope the right one catches up soon, or i shall start to feel distinctly lop-sided.

And then there’s the wobble. Noticed, today, for the first time as i strode purposefully through town in search of party things. The left one is starting to imitate a jelly. i walk: it bounces. Or shivers.

I am pleased.

On the other hand, i think the days of not wearing a vest – or other form of support – are pretty much at an end.

che sarà, sarà…



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