Attitude – and a dressing-up problem

I will start this by stating – categorically – that the attitude is personal. Its about me and how i feel about my journey: not rules or judgment on how others do it.

What’s right for me.

From the off, i have alternately impressed and infuriated Andrea by a very strong sense i have of needing to be authentic. i wouldn’t contemplate wigs. As for breast forms? Ugh!

Now, as matters proceed, that changes. The hormones have done some work on my hair. Nothing like enough. But its growing back in. I’ve had it styled. I feel…”authentic” enough… to say: if it doesn’t look right NOW…i’ll consider a wig.

Ditto breasts – although there, the hormones have barely started. I still won’t wear anything that smacks of imitation. But if in a year or two i am still stuck at a sad AA cup..then i’d think about it.

I’m sure there’s a logic there somewhere. I’m not AGAINST cross-dressing: i just don’t ever want to feel like that is what i am doing.

And so to the problem. I have to attend a party: a big £70-a-head all-night exotic party. I need to be there, because i am a finalist for an award – and besides, it sounds like a lot of fun

As the dress code says: “fanciful floating chiffon and silks… in rich, shimmering colours, sparkles, feathers, and jewels.” I shall studiously ignore suggestions for sexing the outfit up!

andrea has come up with some altogether sensible ideas. i, on the other hand, am thinking fantasy – a fairy theme.

And here’s the problem. First, i am pre-op…which means i still have a rather unsightly bulge below the waist. i have tried the all-powerful “magic pants”…leading to an even more unsightly “muffin top” around my waist. So what next? A pantie girdle?


And whilst i won’t go down the breast form route…what can i do to add a little more lift? Help – again!

This is so frustrating: I know how i want to look…i am just a couple of years too early. i can’t have everything i want. Yet.

But all suggestions very gratefuly received


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  1. 1

    kathz said,

    I would recommend something Fortuny-influenced (see which suits the more streamlined (flat-chested) figure as much as the curvaceous. Your height would be an advantage. You would then have the freedom to tie the Knosses scarf at the waist and decide on a suitable arrangement (which would also enhance your hips and make you look curvier). I don’t know much about fashion but I once went to an exhibition of Fortuny designs in the basement of Liberty’s and they are fabulous. The combination of the simple shape with tightly pleated cloth (see ) is wonderful and the colours glowed! I don’t know where you would find something like this now but the idea might be a helpful starting point.

  2. 2

    Nicky said,

    My baby sis has weeny breasts (AA cup) and swears by a padded wonderbra and shading her decolete (sp?).

    She passes for a B easily.

    N xx

  3. 3

    janefae said,

    Hmmm. But i bet the other measurement is not a 42.

    i have found a 42A (which i don’t fill by any stretch ofthe imagination): will now go google for 42AA.

    i don’t believe such a beast exists.


  4. 4

    Rebecca said,

    For your top half:

    And for your bottom half: well, if it’s genuinely bothering you, you’re going to need to learn to tuck. Google it. Good luck with that one.

    I think that your rejection of the use of extra bits to help a person look how s/he wants is a bit silly. The whole process of styling hair, makeup, choosing clothes etc. is an exercise in artificial creation of a ‘look’ and I don’t see any sense in allowing yourself the use of some tools but not others in this process. Have at it. You can always adjust the contents of your ‘toolkit’ as things change.

    • 5

      janefae said,

      thanks for that, becca. sorry if my approach feels “silly”… i did say it isn’t precisely rational.

      as far as i am concerned, it is about how something makes me feel, as much as how it makes me look. Some things work now, but weren’t ok a few months back. some things may never be ok. but i really can’t tell.

      thanks, though, for the bra site. i will explore. the prob is finding an AA cup for my back size. may get on the phone tomorrow to a couple of companies.

  5. 6

    Jenny Alto said,

    “First, i am pre-op…which means i still have a rather unsightly bulge below the waist.”

    It takes a bit of practice and microporous tape, but try tucking.

  6. 7

    jamtartfairy said,

    A fairy theme?! Need I say more?! xx

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