Good Hormone Day

Two days in. I wake with…well, lets not be too coy about this… i wake with a tingling in my breasts that i have never experienced before.

Correction: i have never experienced anything like it before when no-one has been paying any attention to that part of my body.

It is seriously pleasant: if this is a side-effect, it is one i am all too happy to live with (it is still there now, some twelve hours later, as i sit down to write this).

Then, as i throw on a t-shirt for the morning, i discover that my nipples also have decided to misbehave, perking up and poking out like the stars of some second-rate porn flick.


Still not sure whether we are talking psychological/psychosomatic effects – or a real side-effect of the hormones. This evening i spoke to someone who transitioned some years back: intriguingly, she confessed to similar effects turning up very early in the process – so maybe this is another of those things that isn’t written up in the small print.

Or maybe we all have similar psychologies. Dunno. Certainly one to watch.



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    jamtartfairy said,

    The term “seriously pleasant” made me smile šŸ™‚

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