The darker side of mascara

My secret is out…or at least, it is that much less easy to hide.

Because i have a seriously perverse habit. Me! Little Miss Glass Half Full: the girl who always sees the bright side of stuff.

Only sometimes, late at night, i like to creep down, fire up my internet…youtube…an browse through the saddest, melancoliest, most beautiful songsi know and….

….well, yes: i prbably hae a bit of a cry when i do.

Yo really don’t want to know the sort of nonsense i listen to. its a right ragbag of torch songs from musicals, romantic ballads, the occasional hymn and…well…anything else that turns me on. i think i must b the happiest emotional masochist in the world.

Except, in future, i’ll be taking the mascara off first.

Oh. You want at least one example. Don’t blame me if you hate it….


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