I still don’t get it.

i’m nowhere near transitioned..still a very bad imitation, outward, of a strangly dressed travesty. and yet…time and time again, i feel welcomed in, admitted to a club that i never knew quite existed.

On friday, it was the beauty salon – where i went to have my eyebrows waxed and shaped…and then the charity shop.

i talked, i chatted, i let go. Total inconsequential stuff – but there is a tone, a shade to every conversation now – with women – that was never there before.

i’ve wondered about this before: am i no longer a threat? no longer a predatory male? or is it somethng else. i over-analyse.

i am just smiling as i write this.

The charity shop…oh yes. i was browsing through some handbags…was obviously tempted by one in particular…and the woman behind the counter called out “go on: you know you want it”.

i did. i bought it.

But what counted so much more was that inclusion. its hard to put a finger on…but as a male, i would never have been inclued that way. No. Not true. It happens – but so much more rarely.

There seems to be a connectedness between women that i have never known as a male. Perhaps men do it too, but differently.

In fact, i’m sure they do. Its just i never knew how.

Ah well.



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