Silly, i’ve always thought: the way so many trans women prize so highly being addressed as Miss…as Ma’am.

The idea of walking into a shop and passing sufficiently well that, instead of that tired old “sir” with which you usually get greeted, some assistant looks up and recognises you as a woman.

Silly, huh?

So why did my heart beat that bit quicker…why the spring in my step today when it happened, in public, the first time ever.

“Big Issue, Ma’am?”, he asked me.

Ironically, a Big Issue seller – which sort of makes up for the reaction from one of that ilk the very first time i was out in public.

Was it ironic anyway? Oh: bound to have been. He couldn’t possibly have mistaken me for female.

But… No. i loved it. i want it to happen again. and again. until maybe one day it is not ironic but for real.

i am a convert.



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