Fame and Fortune

It is strange how things come together. Being trans – being outwardly trans – has sparked a great deal of media interest: enough that we have turned down a number of offers to “tell all”.

Not that we are spurning everyone. The local press did a very sympathetic piece, which probably means that anyone who reads the local paper now knows that there’s a tranny in the village – a bit of a shock, perhaps, for rural Lincolnshire.

We might also take part in a Brazilian news magazine/show called “Fantastico”: there has been a great deal of interest in our story from South America – not sure whether that is co-incidence or something cultural – and the show checks out as reasonably respectable.

We will do it if a) andrea can overcome her fear of TV cameras and b) she promises not to try and work the word “scorcio” into any interview (that particular reference is for the benefit of Brit comedy lovers of a certain age!).

But just as interest in me as a trans woman seems to be bubbling to the fore, so a number of projects i have been working on for a while are also coming together.

I have a book on discrimination on grounds of sexuality out this month. Its called “Beyond the Circle” – and i’ll post details when they are available.

i may finally have found an agent for my first novel…30,000 words winged their way over last week and i asm now awaiting the rejection slip.

and i am a finalist for the 2010 erotic writer of the year awards. Oh – and i am taking up post as guest editor on the new Durex-Ora healthy lifestyle website, also this month.

All before any news of my trans status leaked out. i am pleased with that. all of the above are things i worked at. It won’t be possible to separate myself as writer from myself as trans woman in future: but it is good that breaking through on the first is happening independently of the second.

and besides, it may all come to nothing. after all: i need something to be pessimistic about.



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  1. 1

    Érica de Carvalho said,

    Meu marido é mecânico de automóveis e se veste como uma mulher. Não estamos nos promovendo em jornais ou revistas e na verdade, enfrentamos muito preconceito. Pro mundo eu sou uma lésbica mal assumida e ele um homosexual que não consegue se assumir.Ele, nunca transou com outro homem e diz não ter interesse sexual por um homem e eu, estou me descobrindo meia bi, sim, afinal não posso negar que a idéia de um homem vestido com camisola me atrai.
    Louco não? Mas…acredito que nós nos amamos dentro desta loucura mesmo. É mais que homem e mulher somos dois espíritos. Dois espíritos que se amam além da eternidade.

  2. 2

    jamtartfairy said,

    Fabulous news 🙂 xxx

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