Joining the sisterhood

A wonderful day out – and i do mean OUT – on Friday.

My first ever business meeting “in role”.  Nervous, but bearable.  Then a long train journey home.

Sitting opposite a woman with whom i struck up a conversation.  we turned to trans matters – obvious, really, given i was wearing a skirt.  Some usual questions: some perceptive ones.

Then she started talking about her personal life.  Very open.  Co-incidence?

After all, i’ve always found women easy to talk to, men difficult.  But this felt like a level of openness i’d never known before.  Ever.

Strange – and also ever so slightly humbling.  Like there is a whole world out there just beyond the one i thought i knew.  In it, women talk about things in ways i’d never guessed.

Do i now have honorary membership?  Or is it just that i no longer pose any sort of threat, having ceased to identify with being male? 

i shall keep my ears open.


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    Julian said,

    That’s membership, that is.

    And – massive oversimplified generalisation alert here – women will generally be very open with other women, whether that’s positive, such as sharing personal information, or negative such as pursing lips and tutting. Even negative attention is inclusive attention in that context – stop at a bus stop, and the recipients of the pursed-lips-tutting will *all* be other women. Her skirt’s too short, what DOES she think she’s got on her feet, did you hear that language… Adult men just get an averted gaze.

  2. 2

    Wonderer said,

    The lengths some ethnographers will go to in order to become like an insider and get an “emic” account. 🙂

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