An intriguing insight

Day out for another psych session, and then chilling with a lovely couple in Cambridge: one trans, one cis.

Ah.  Note to those who are reading this from the outside: “cis” is the opposite of trans.  If a transwoman is someone who has crossed the divide to become a woman…a ciswoman is one who always was.

Musing aloud, i suggested that maybe as this process went forward, i would be able to provide some very interesting insights into the difference between the male and female condition.  Oh.  Not absolutely: i’m not fool enough to believe my experience could ever match that of someone born and raised female.

But still: i am already discovering things i never knew before – as well as prejudices that range from the irritating to outright vicious.

So surely i should have observations that would be germane to the great gender debate.  After all, i will have seen life from both sides.

“Really?” said Sarah.  “What makes you think you ever really lived the male experience before?

“Maybe the change will be less than you think”.

Oh.  She has a point.  A very good one.  Whatever my life has been, it has never been that of a typical male.  Whenever i could, i have rejected maleness, opting, instead, for a sort of easy, backgrounds demi-monde instead.

So yes: maybe i’ve been allowed into male spaces far more than any average woman would ever be.  But maybe, too, i never have known what it is to be male.

Insights just keep on happening.




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