Small things (leading to bigger)

One of the strangest things i have noticed already is how very small changes to life and lifestyle lead on to bigger. 

A question though, on which i have not yet formed an opinion, is how far the bigger stuff is my conforming (already) to some social model of how i think women SHOULD behave – and how far the additional changes are just a natural follow-on.

I have been warned already about how i may find (in due course, as i learn to “pass”) that men will be less respctful of my body space.  Intriguing.

i have found already that the mere act of wearing a skirt is changing my outlook on much much more.  It impacts on toilet habits:  there is a whole load of “stuff” around managing to pee in a skirt that is different to peeing in trousers; and if i have to sit, i find i am picking and choosing WHERE i pee far more carefully than i ever would before.

Then there’s staying neat and tidy: i don’t want to mes up what i am wearing; so i am eating just that bit more carefully; cooking in a slightly more delicate fashion (to avoid splashes); absolutely NOT wiping hands on my skirt.

I can see that rubber gloves are in order too, because washing up (whih i tend to do daily) is playing havoc with my hands.

Maybe i am a little obsessive about this stuff: after all, my discovery began with the realisation that i liked myself physically as a woman,but was indifferent to/hated my body as a man.  perhaps it will fade.  perhaps this is all “sample of one” stuff.

it is certainly theorising well beyond anything supported by data…but if anyone else has any views i’d love to hear them back.



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  1. 1

    Dennis said,

    yes small things lead to bigger. Clothes affect how we can move – women’s clothes are often constricting or limiting in some way which can affect movement, how we sit, pee, etc… well it’s like ripples on the pond.. or a slight tweak of a jigsaw piece necessitating a slight tweak o the others around it.. and so on.

  2. 2

    debz furneaux said,

    rubber gloves are good – would u like a pinny too? oh and is odd but if am in trousers i wupe my hands on em but in a skirt i dont – go figure!!

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