Names (again)

i am still smiling at the  embarrassed and over-enthusiastic bark of a certain Lloyds Bank customer service manager.    Chris was his name.

However, i have to say i was not otherwise impressed by THEIR take on names. 

No change allowed until i have “official documentation” – which could take years.  (or involve me spending money on a deed poll change of name).

So i complained…and this wonderfully well-meaning young man came on the phone, checked how i would like to be addressed, and then dropped “jane” into the conversation in almost every other sentence.

As, hitherto, the only question for me has been when and how to require nearest andd earest to use my new name, this felt…incongruous.  Not good.   Not bad.  Just ever so slightly weird.

i have no complaint.  its not every day a call centre operator ends up on the receiving end of a cross trans – and he handled me beautifully.

More than made up for the first tele-dolly who, when asked if she knew what gender re-assignment meant, confessed to not doing so…and wondered aloud if i was looking for an information pack on the subject.

Oh dear!


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    Rebecca said,

    Jane – changing name via deed poll is very much not the expense you imagine it to be – see this page by my friend Flash for a pretty cheap and easy how-to:

    I hope it’s useful.

    Becca xx

    • 2

      janefae said,

      Mmmmm. I suspect i knew that. my beef is that it should be required at all…and at present i am not sure how much the requirement is new law, how much it is banks being bureaucratic.

      In the old days (i.e., about ten years back) you could call yourself what you wanted so long as you were not doing so for fraudulent purposes. so…calling yourself Lord Sutch did not require any legal forms at all although some people did choose to go the deed poll route because it felt more final.

      Then government got all stroppy about money laundering and new duties were laid on banks to heck that the person putting money into an account was who they said they were. Hence the need for enhanced forms of id. However, i am not sure whether legislation now stipulates that the banks MUST ask for specific items…or whether it merely requires them to make serious checks to ensure nothing untoward is going on.

      If its the first, there’s nothing to be done. If its the second, its just another bank setting a rule we the public are expected to adhere to. Following my first contact with the NHS, i doubt i’ll get much of my tax money back in medicine or hormones (i’ll be going private).

      so on principle, i don’t see why i should shell out anything at all more if i don’t have to.


      think i need an icon or some sort of symbol for bolshy trans. 🙂

  2. 3

    Dennis said,

    check out (or ask P about) ‘Statutory Declaration’ – it avoids need for deed poll or GRC but most establishments don’t realise and need to be corrected when they say there’s no other way.

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