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When is a man… not a man?

Sometimes – whisper it low – even tawdry rags like the Sun can do minorities a favour. Nah. Not by coming out in favour of, well, coming out. But by giving issues a good airing – or perhaps, more accurately, public kicking – and in the end moving debate and attitudes on.

So it was recently with their front page shock! horror! exposé to the effect that a woman who claimed over 1,000 sexual partners was actually… a man! Read the rest of this entry »

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News Feed: 11 year-old girl committed to mental institution for being transgender

News that an 11 year old trans girl in Berlin, Germany, is about to be committed to a mental institution by local authorities – following intervention by her absent father – has prompted grave concern by the International LGBTQ Youth and Student Organisation (IGLYO). A petition has also been started on Read the rest of this entry »

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Good old fashioned rudeness

Before we descend, as it is possible that we might, into the minutiae of the distinction between ladyboys and transssexuals (and Jonathan Ross) I’d like to call a pause, step back and ask what it is that IS offensive in the wude boy’s wudery (a highly salacious routine about thai ladyboy “air stewards”).

And as with so many such issues, i am left wondering just how much this is to do with “teh tranz”…how much to do with simple, stupid boorishness.
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The damage done

For all those claiming that careless words don’t make much of a difference to anyone, i give you just one small piece of fall-out from the Sun’s New Year welcome to the trans community.

Remember? Its the one about how the MOD are spending a staggering £7,400 over two years out of a budget of £42bn to support individuals seeking to transition.

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Why trans will “win” (acceptance)

Mis-gendered in Morrisons. (Sounds like the title of a radio 4 pLAY!). But there i was, just paying for my lottery tickets, and the helpful lady behind the counter who nonetheless wasn’t paying much attention turned to another assistant and asked them to print out a receipt for “the gentleman”.

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News Feed: Libra provide unbalanced view of trans life

The world’s transgender community are up in arms today over an ad for feminine hygiene products circulating in New Zealand and Australia, described as sexist, transphobic and hurtful.

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Violent incitement by the Sun and Taxpayers’ Alliance

Well i Had planned (some hope!) to be taking a break for a fortnight or so…both from professional writing and the blogging sort.

However, today’s outpouring of nastiness in the Sun, aided and abetted by the vile types over at the Taxpayers’ Alliance, draws me out of my temporary retirement. The “story”, such that it is, is that the MOD, over the last year or so, paid some £7, 400 towards “minor surgical procedures relating to gender reassignment”.

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[News Feed]: NWT Canada Finance Minister accused of trans bullying

The Finance Minister of Canada’s Northwest Territory, Michael Miltenberger has been reported to the Human Rights Commission. He is accused of discriminating against a woman in Fort Smith, NWT, during a visit by the Governor General to Aurora College campus on 9 December because she is transgender.

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News Feed: Telegraph hatred for Trans folk?

The UK’s Telegraph newspaper was today accused of displaying outright contempt for the trans community as well as a callous disregard for the feelings of relatives of deceased lawyer, Sonia Burgess, by deliberately going out of their way to misgender the victim.

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